Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Global warming has become one of the greatest dangers to our environment, and maybe the only one that can actually destroy us all. To have a chance to save our planet, we need clean energy sources that do not produce any pollution. Solar energy is one such clean and efficient energy source that can help reverse global warming. With solar energy harnessed properly, we could easily reduce gas emissions, carbon emissions and other harmful emissions into the atmosphere. This article looks at why alternative sustainable energy options like solar are good for the environment.

There is plenty of sunshine in Africa

It is not an exaggeration to say that having access to clean, fresh air is one of the greatest advantages of living in Africa. The continent is facing serious challenges from increasingly frequent droughts and flooding, but there is no denying the obvious advantages of increased sunshine and clean water. This is precisely why Shinko Africa decided to help bring solar lighting to workers in its 16 countries; as part of our commitment to sustainable development, we are providing these solar energy solutions that conserve energy while improving the quality of life for our people.

Installing solar panels can be done on a large or small scale

Solar panels are becoming more popular in Zimbabwe as people seek alternatives to electricity and diesel-powered generators for lighting and other uses. With the recent power shortages in the country installing solar panels can provide a reliable source of power.  However, due to the rapid growth of solar power throughout the developing world, there are risks involved with its use. These include safety concerns related to defective panels, lack of trained personnel, limited storage capacity, and logistical difficulties in transporting solar panels. With that being said we as Shinko Afrika make sure we have highly trained personal to avoid such types of risks in our solar consultancy.

Help the planet while saving money on your electric bill

Solar energy is becoming more and more practical daily. Most people have tried it at some point or another. Shinko Afrika offers a variety of solar solutions, each designed to meet the individual needs of people living in informal settlements. The products are provided by professional installers and workshops. The workshops are equipped with all the necessary equipment and know-how so that customers’ experience is hassle free and efficient.

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