Location: Mabelreign, Harare

Client: Cater For You

Date 02/02/2022
Project Scope: 10kw Solar System Set Up (Phase1)
4920Kwp Solar Pv Array
2 x 5kw Synapse Hybrid Inverters
19.2kwh Lithium ion Battery Bank

Location: Harare

Client: The Embassy of Nigeria
Date 08/01/2022
Project Scope: (5kva Solar System, 3kwp Solar Pv Array, 9.6kwh Lithium Battery Bank for each residence.) x 4

Shinko solar Beatrice Solar Project

Location: Beatrice
Date 02/08/2021
Project Scope: Borehole Siting, Drilled to 70m, Installed 1hp Hybrid Solar Pumping sytem, with 5000l Tank, Tank Stand

Location: Shamva
Date: 14/07/2021
Scope: Borehole Siting, Drilled to 65m, 1hp Solar Pumping System installed, with a 5000l Tank & Tank for home use & Irrigation purposes

Shinko solar Shamva Solar Project
Shinko solar chishawasha Solar Project

Location: Chishawasha,Harare
Date : 06/04/2021
Scope: A 15kw Home Solar System designed to take the House off the grid.
Consisting of 36 x 360Watts Canadian Solar Panels, 3 x 5kw Sunpolo Hybrid Inverters, 28.8kwh Huawei Lithium Battery Bank. Solar Panels installed on a Free Standing Ground Mounted Steel Structure.

Location: Dema Village,Seke
Date :31/07/2021
Scope: Solar Powered Deep Well Pump installed with a 5000l Tank for Market Gardening

Shinko solar Dema Solar Project
Shinko solar Dema Solar Project



Scope: A project done for the Embassy of Nigeria stuff residence houses. Each house consisting of a 5kva Sunpolo Inverter, 10 x 360Watts Canadian Solar Panels,9.6kwh Lithium Battery Bank


Date: 08/05/2021

Scope: Borehole Siting, Drilled to 50m, 2hp Hybrid Solar Pumping System Installed, with a 5000l tank,Tank Stand for Irrigation purposes. System scheduled to upgraded for Intergrated home use.

Shinko solar Borrowdale Solar Project

Location: Borrowdale, Harare 

Date : 25/06/2021

Project Scope: A 16.5kw Solar System ,( 3 x 5.5kw Sorotec Hybrid Inverters), 12,96kWP Canadian Solar Pv Array on Ground Mounted Steel Structure,28.8kWh ZTE lithium Battery Bank. Powering the whole Property off the Grid.

Done in Harare, ZRP Support Unit
15kw Hybrid Solar System
3 x 5kw Sunpolo Hybrid Inverters
28.8kWh Huawei Lithium Battery Bank
9.045 kWP Pv Array

A solar panel being carried by Shinko Solar and Boreholes experienced Workers

Location: Forit Contracting, Harare

Date : 21/08/2021

Project Scope: 15 x 300 Watts Canadian Solar (4,5kWP)
5.5kw Anygrid Sorotec Inverter
3 x 100ah (48v) Huawei Lithium (14.4kWh)