Solar panels

Solar Panel Brands

330Watts Sunmax High Voltage Solar Module

High volatage sunmax solar panels  are designed to meet high volatage Solar designs. They are especially suitable for running hybrid solar pumping systems. They reduce the cost of Solar Panels required while at the same time improving efficiency. Shinko Solar & Boreholes one of the leading solar installer in Zimbabwe brings you the 330 Watts sunmax high volatage solar module. A Monocrystalline technology with an elegant design using the best quality raw materials to last 25 years. A beautiful Black frame which brings essence to the eyes of everyone Pv Engineer and Customer.

Canadian Solar

Canadian solar modules are widely recognized for outstanding power generation and long term reliability. Highly efficient, the modules are designed to withstand rigorous conditions (salt mist, ammonia and blowing sand) and maximize energy generation under real world conditions. Canadian Solar modules are built using durable materials, such as high-transparency, low iron tempered glass, robust solar cell encapsulation material, weatherproof film and a sturdy anodized aluminum frame that can last over 25 years.

JA Solar

JA solar as well is in the top five of the Solar Manufactures in the world and Shinko Afrika has a wide variety in terms of size and make with the mono and poly – crystalline modules all available from 270watt and above

Jinko Solar

We also offer the Jinko Solar PV modules at Shinko Afrika with all options be it Mono or Poly available as well as Split Cell and Normal Cell arrangement from 200watt and above. Being also in the top 5 of solar PV manufactures Jinko is a very welcome addition to our catalog as Shinko Afrika.