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Shinko Afrika is a Private Limited registered and incorporated according to Zimbabwe laws.Our services include solar energy,borehole drilling,pump installations. Founded by Prince Chizemo who is an astitute Entrepreneur with a Vision to Empower & Promote Africa's future who is Holder of Masters of Commerce Degree in Marketing Strategy from one of Zimbabwe's leading academic Institutions The Midlands State University popularly known by its wide ranging stakeholders as MSU.An adent believer in Africa's ability to Outperform its Expectations. SHINKO is a Japanese equivalent of FAITH.

Renewable Energy & Industrial Solutions

Solar Energy Consultancy

Energy in whatever form is the driving force of Industrial growth in any part of the World.

Mining Equipment

Africa is a continent endowed with vast mineral wealth which is a springboard for Economic growth.

Industrial Automation

Africa remains in the peripheries of global Economic participation because of backward means of production.

Agricultural & Irrigation

It is often acknowledged that Africa's has some of the best resources for an Agricultural economy yet Africa remains the poorest continent in need of Food Aid.