15KVA Solar Installation – Christon Bank Mazowe

mazowe solar installation

15KVA Solar Installation – Christon Bank Mazowe ​

The future of energy has arrived.
Forget the flickering candles and the hum of generators, Zimbabwe. Introducing our latest masterpiece – a Victron solar BEHEMOTH so potent, it makes conventional solar companies blush.
15kw Victron Quattro inverter, that’s enough muscle to power a small village . 28 x 555w Jinko solar panels, basking in MAZOWE’s radiant sky like eager champions, soaking up every sunbeam with insatiable hunger. 450/200 Victron MPPT – the orchestra conductor, harmonizing the symphony of light into usable energy. And finally, the pièce de résistance – six 48v 200ah Rita lithium batteries.
This, is not just another solar system. This is a declaration of independence. A rebellion against the tyranny of blackouts and a love letter to clean, sustainable energy.
What can this solar titan power?
Anything your heart desires! Imagine lights blazing brighter than a thousand fireflies. Refrigerators humming happily, keeping your food fresh and your drinks frosty. TVs flickering to life, showcasing the world in living color. Fans whirring away, chasing away the heat like pesky flies. And beyond the basics, imagine electric drills whirring, welding flames dancing, and computers purring, powering businesses and dreams alike.
This is not just solar energy. This is empowerment. This is freedom. This is the future, unfolding before your very eyes. And we, at SHINKO AFRIKA, are not just installing it, we’re pioneering it. We’re the architects of a brighter tomorrow, brick by sun-drenched brick.
So step into the sunshine, Zimbabwe. Embrace the audacity.

We are not just the best solar company in Zimbabwe. We are the future of solar.

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