Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries

Narada Lithium Ion Batteries

Narada is a company based in China and is well known for manufacturing lithium ion batteries for multiple purposes including domestic back up and also for telecoms. We at Shinko Afrika have the NPCF Series with the 48v 50ah, 48v 100ah and also the 48v 150ah available. The NPCF range of batteries have been in use for over 10 years now and they have at least 80% depth of discharge with greater than 3500 charge cycles making them one of the best cost effective batteries at Shinko Afrika.

Huawei Lithium Batteries

At Shinko Afrika we have a wide range of Huawei Batteries available, these batteries are resilient and effective up to the point that most telecoms companies around the globe use these as the battery of choice for their base stations. We have the ESM48-100A1, ESM48-100B1 and ESM48-100U1 models for the 100ah 48v 4.8kwh type and also the ESM48-150B1 on the 7.2kwh type. The Huawei batteries have more than 3500 charge cycles and have 90% Depth of discharge per cell making them a great battery bank to have.

BlueNova Lithium Batteries

Bluenova batteries are among the top 5 of all battery designs in terms of durability and longevity, and are usually used in marine backup system due to their trustworthy abilities. In stock at Shinko Afrika we have the Bluenova RacPower 5.2kwh Lithium ion batteries and both BK and DU models are available. With a discharge rate of up to 90% depth of discharge and over 5000 charge cycles these are among the best in the world.

Averge Leoch Lithium Batteries

The Averge Leoch NiMH and Leoch LiFe series include 4.8v, 10.8v, 14.8v and 18v batteries. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry is a proven technology that is easy to charge, delivers more cycles over it’s life time and offers longer run-times per charge. Always fully charge before first use, or after storing your battery for a long period of time such as during winter months. Each Leoch battery is made with high quality components including solid cylindrical cells instead of the fragile prismatic style cells currently being used by most battery manufacturers in their deep cycle range.

Pylontech Lithium Batteries

The Pylontech US Series lithium-ion battery is made up of lithium-ion modules that allow us to have a modular photovoltaic storage system to expand its capacity with up to 16 units without the need for any additional equipment. Among its main features is also the compatibility with many of the inverters on the market. Its price-performance ratio is another factor to take into account.