Solar Energy Packages

Explore our Solar & Borehole packages to select the ideal one for your residential or business area.

Solar Energy Packages

solar and borehole packagees

Discover our comprehensive range of solar and borehole packages that are tailored to meet your unique needs. At Shinko Afrika, we prioritize sustainable energy solutions and understand the importance of clean and reliable power. Our solar packages cater to residential, commercial, and industrial applications, allowing you to embrace the sun’s power efficiently. From reducing your carbon footprint to gaining energy independence, our cutting-edge technology and expertise ensure seamless integration with your infrastructure. Additionally, our borehole packages provide sustainable access to clean water, addressing the growing concern of water scarcity. Trust our advanced techniques and equipment to deliver optimal water yield in any situation.

Solar System Packages

From residential to commercial and industrial applications, our solutions harness the sun’s energy efficiently. Reduce your carbon footprint and gain energy independence with our cutting-edge technology and expertise. Embrace clean and reliable power with Shinko Afrka.

Solar Pumping System Packages

If you’re looking for a reliable water pumping solution, we provide you with Turn-KEY solutions from design, supply and installation of water pumping system. We have a wide range of dependable Brands available for you choice. We also provide water storage solutions, take a look at some of our packages.

Solar & Hybrid Pumpset Packages​

We supply highly optimized solar water pumps that can match your home, office, farm and industry requirements at a very competitive rate. Our Quality is unrivaled. From low flow to large scale water supply, SHINKO AFRIKA is your one stop solution.

Borehole Drilling & Siting Packages

Access clean and reliable water with our borehole drilling and siting packages. Our advanced techniques and equipment ensure optimal water yield, addressing the challenge of water scarcity. Trust [Company Name] to deliver sustainable solutions for your water supply needs.