The Best Miner Cap Lamps in Zimbabwe

The Best Miner Cap Lamps in Zimbabwe

The mining industry contributes at least 16% to the GDP of Zimbabwe. It is undoubtedly a key employer in with over 45 000 jobs created in the mining industry only, coupled its reliance on allied industries it does more.

Without the necessary enabling tools, mining could be very difficult. One of the not so talked about tools in Mining are Miner Cap Lamps, a key tool in providing Underground Lighting.

The cap lamp is an important light providing equipment that has to be carried by everyone working deployed to work in an underground mining environment. It is a light source powered by a Lithum ion battery carried on the miner’s belt with a cable connecting to a headpiece.

The major characteristics of an effective miner Caplamp are as follows:
1) Lightweight to allow miners to carry it without feeling a heavy toll on them. This maximizes productivity of underground miners
2) Waterproofing, the underground environment is full of water hence the need to have miner Caplamp with effective waterproofing features. This helps in avoiding short circuiting of the lamps, reduces the risk of accidents owing to possible lights out.

3) Effective Illumination : an effective miner Caplamp must be able to provide enough light for maximum sight to miners.

4) Rechargeable: one of the most important features of a proffered miner Caplamp is its ability to recharge after a shift use. This allows the miners to use it repeatedly over its life span.Also important is the compatibility of the charging port with universal charging racks that are already available in many mines in Zimbabwe & afar. This allows mines to procure Miner Caplamps conveniently without having to worry about how & where to charge them.

5) Long Life/Durability . As every investment needs to bring a worth Return on Investment, the same applies with Caplamps. They must have decent life to bring back money expended on them and also to bring convinience of not having to regularly procure cap lamps.

6) Explosion Proof: miner cap lamps must be designed well enough to prevent them from the risk of explosion. Materials & technology used ought to be of best quality for un unforgettable user experience.

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