ZRP Solar

The Zimbabwe Republic Police Support Unit Solar Project

Zimbabwe Republic Police Support Unit Solar Installation

We at Shinko Solar & Boreholes Zimbabwe are proud to have completed a successful Hybrid Solar System Design & Installation in Harare, Zimbabwe. We have been working in the Renewable Energy sector in Zimbabwe since our founding in 2019. We are privileged to have been part of the development of our Country through the use of solar energy, which is evident from being trusted by government authorities such as The Zimbabwe Republic Police. We installed a full 15kw Hybrid Solar System, 3 x 5kw Sunpolo Hybrid Inverters, 28.8kWh Huawei Lithium Battery Bank, 9.045 kWP Pv Array in Harare for ZRP Support Unit.

Why we are a trusted Solar Installer in Zimbabwe

We are not just the leader in solar installation, we are greater than that. We are always trying to do more and affect different walks of life. And we have done it again. It may not be much known but we also installed some bigger projects such as the Beatrice and the Chishawasha. ZRP is leading by example when it comes to going green and they are happy with the work we’ve done on their Unit.

Solar In Zimbabwe

Solar has been a landscape globally, and it’s becoming more popular in Zimbabwe as the year progresses. Unarguably, it’s an effective solution for saving money on electricity bills. We offer one-stop shop solar installation services for home owners and businesses across the country.

Experience Always Matters

We at Shinko Solar & Boreholes Energy have had the privilege of being involved in many Solar community projects in Zimbabwe mainly installation of solar panels  which fuel Irrigations, household appliances and day to day power requiring activities.