Installing Solar Power in Zimbabwe

Solar power is now the best alternative to energy production in Zimbabwe.

@11 % of Zimbabweans are now using Solar as a main source of Power.


Solar power is now the best alternative to energy production in Zimbabwe. This is as a result of many challenges that are being faced when using other ways of getting electricity. The availability of cheap and efficient solar panels has made it possible for most people, to add them to their houses as additional means of getting electricity. Read this article and discover everything you need to know about solar power in Zimbabwe.

Monocrystalline vs polycrystalline in Zimbabwe

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Monocrystalline is more popular than polycrystalline Solar in Zimbabwe, because Monocrystalline is more efficient as compared to Polycrystalline.

However, while it is agreed that Monocrystalline is more efficient as compared to polycrystalline. It is important to note that the Revolution has been hijacked by the invasion of low quality Monocrystalline modules into the market. In this light you will note that not all Monocrystalline modules are as good purported. Majority on the market are low Quality, that’s some of the Polycrystalline modules on the market are more effective than Monocrystalline. The best will be when one gets the right Quality Monocrystalline module, it’s thus important to deal with reputable and verifiable brands of solar modules manufacturers.

The ultimate deciding factor on which one is better rests upon the Quality of material used to manufacture the Module.

People in Zimbabwe are embracing solar power

People in Zimbabwe are embracing solar power. The African nation is experiencing a surge in solar power installations as people seek clean and efficient ways to generate electricity. Solar power has become a mainstream resource for lighting up homes and businesses. Communities across Zimbabwe have also installed solar water pumps to save money on water bills while also enhancing the quality of drinking water. Some Zimbabweans are using solar panels to generate electricity for their own use as well. There are many benefits of solar power, but one of the best things about it is that it’s affordable. Once off payment and you say good bye to monthly electricity bills!

Where can you find more information about Solar in Zimbabwe?

Solar in Zimbabwe is not really a wide topic talked about on the World Wide Web. If you google the word you might find some useful content on Recommended Solar Companies In Zimbabwe by ZERA and some magazine and news articles here and there. However  here at Shinko solar and boreholes we are very committed to making sure that our clients are well versed in the solar energy field before they think of investing with a handful of articles that talks of this and that.

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