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A Micro Approach to Rural Empowerment

Water is the driving force of all nature, it is life. The sad part is that majority of people both in the cities and rural communities do not have access to clean reliable water. While we may think big, such as drilling of boreholes it is important that even starting small may help us to address the Water challenges. Things such as digging up of Deep wells and powering them up with solar in the rural areas can go a long way improving the livelihoods of our people.

We sometimes underestimate the influence of little things

Charles W Chestnutt

A Helping Hand for Families Around Zimbabwe

Solar Powered Deep Well pumps secured properly ensures access to clean water for families that’s ensuring a healthy community. It also reduces the manual labor required to fetch water allowing parents to focus on other productive commitments to improve their economy. Parents especially mothers won’t have to spend much time on fetching water for the family.

Feeding Zimbabwe to Better Future through Solar

As less Labor is required, means that kids and school going children can be allowed enough study time to concentrate on their development for the future economy. As more water can easily be harvested, families can engage into semi commercial farming such as horticulture in order to improve their incomes. Small holder community farming projects aggregated can play a pivotal role in improving the Gross Domestic Product for the country.

The Easy Solar Tank & Pump System.

Often times our livestock in rural areas have travel long to access drinking water creating unnecessary exposure to incidences of stock theft that easily be manageable if water could be easily harnessed close to the homestead. The general exposure to Solar will also encourage communities to appreciate renewable energy options that’s helping the bigger cause of environmental management. Through engagement and continuous interaction with the rural community, Shinko Afrika can attest to the effectiveness of consistently doing small things that has seen communities grow.

ever since you installed this solar pump my life has changed, no need to buy generator fuel, I have expanded my Hectarage and I’m now one of the main suppliers of cabbages and tomatoes to the neighboring boarding schools

Mr Mutsvairo of Murehwa

It is time each one of us begin to play a part in bringing the reality of solar powered societies. Individuals and corporates need to play a part in making this dream a reality. If you can’t do it big, don’t wait. Do it small, the impact will be great.

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