Solar in Zimbabwe

A look at the current situation of Renewable Energy in Zimbabwe Section

Zimbabwe has a growing need for sustainable and renewable energy solutions with rapid economic growth resulting in increased demand for power. However, most of the energy sector challenges emanate from the country’s geography and natural endowments. This article aims at providing an overview of renewable energy solutions available in Zimbabwe, as well as on government policies that promote their implementation.

How could Zimbabwe improve its solar energy infrastructure?

Solar energy Zimbabwe
A neighborhood using solar energy in Zimbabwe

The good news is that solar power is cost-effective. Solar panels can be installed for as little as $100. The International Energy Agency has estimated that solar could help improve the electricity supply in Africa, Zimbabwe is no exception to that. There is no better time than now to develop your own solar system with several companies offering affordable installations, making it possible for people to reap the benefits of solar power without worrying too much about the associated costs.

The history of solar in the country

Solar is progressing at a tremendous rate in Zimbabwe and there are many resources available for people to invest in. This trend is supported by the government also with projects such like the Nyabira solar plant which is estimated to bring 25mw into the grid as it attempts to bring clean and renewable energy to everyone. The possibilities available to individuals are vast and it is our hope that this article will inspire you to take action on one or more of these solar related projects so that we can continue this trend of clean energy throughout Zimbabwe.

Solar panels have become so cheap in price that most people can afford to afford them. With less cost barriers, they could help us improve the quality of life for many more people in Africa

Best practices for schools, businesses, and residential homes to move to solar energy.

In Zimbabwe, people are starting to become more environmental conscious and over time, businesses and schools are adopting to solar power and renewable energy sources. It’s now common for businesses of significant size and reputation to have their own photovoltaic systems which they use to power their building, or in the case of schools, large buildings on their grounds. Beyond the grid of electricity transmission, generation, and distribution, we are seeing a growth in people switching to renewable energy sources for their home needs. There are two main reasons to move to renewable energy sources: Economic, and Environmental so it’s a win-win situation. We wanted to make it even easier for our clients to have a solar system operating at their home so hear at Shinko Afrika we offer a free site visit for our clients.

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