5 Reasons to Switch to Solar Energy in Zimbabwe

With the current state of our national power supply, many Zimbabweans are looking for alternative sources to power their homes. Solar energy in Zimbabwe has proven to be the best choice for a lot of people. In Africa, solar energy is fairly new – but it is picking up rapidly. Here are five reasons why you should switch to solar energy.

Save on Energy Bills

Solar Installation on a Zimbabwean home by Shinko Afrika
Solar Installation on a Zimbabwean home by Shinko Afrika

Let’s be real with each other here, those monthly recurring energy fees can be frustrating sometimes especially when you wasn’t experiencing regular power supply. Unlike with solar energy, electricity that you do not use will not cost you anything. Instead, you will have it available for free when there is extra sunlight or even when there isn’t any. The introduction of solar energy is something that changed how I view my monthly bills and be able to save big. Just a once off installation from Shinko Afrika and I said goodbye to energy bills for good. Some even say Using Solar energy can make you save up to 50% of your monthly bills.

Leave your electric bill behind and get free energy.

Stay Reliable – No Chance of Power Outages when using solar

During this Covid 19 crisis working from home has become a norm. In other countries up to 71% of people are working from home. Now think about it from a Zimbabwean perspective. Is it really possible without installing a solar on your home with these regular power outages? I don’t think so. Getting power outages is never fun. But thanks to our solar panel installation, there’s no chance of getting caught in the dark!

Get Green – Anti-Pollution & Go Green with Renewable Energy Sources

The cost of solar panels has dropped dramatically in recent years making them a viable option for homeowners. Not only are they cost effective, they are also safer than other forms of alternative energy. Multiple studies have shown that installing a solar panel is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint. A rooftop solar panel will also help reduce your home’s monthly utility costs. It is also beneficial for the environment. Natural sunlight is soundproof, reflecting daylight away from rooms without creating acoustical noise. Smog and airborne pollutants, including carbon monoxide and eliminate ventilation. It’s a lot to gain with just one solar installation!

Going Green with Shinko Afrika Solars
Going Green with Shinko Afrika Solar

Tax Benefits in Zimbabwe

Did you know tax benefits in Zimbabwe can be given to those who install solar panels on their homes. Often the residential customers return the favor by making use of these solar panels for free while they are enjoying their own power bill pay. The free use their solar panels provides the utility company with income which then gets used to keep the lights on. It’s a win-win situation.

The Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy in Zimbabwe

Be Smart and Save Money

Solar power is here to stay in the form of installed solar panels. It’s widely recognized as being one of the most cost-effective ways of generating power around the world with little to no pollution. Helping the planet meet its energy needs with less environmental impact is freely available and affordable to everyone. No Matter if you are a residential, commercial or industrial customer, if you want to make the change to solar electricity then we will help you save money and make the smartest energy choice for your home or business. Get a free site visit with us, and we will be very pleased in assisting you with that switch!

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