What makes SOROTEC inverters superior?

Sorotec inverters incorporate the latest technology offering automatic transfer switch and MPPT communication which makes them auto adaptive to any load in any environment in Zimbabwe. The array is monitored with intelligent communication between the solar system, inverters and display panel. The display panel can be mounted up to 40m from the inverter for ease of access while displaying pertinent information on the status of your system at a glance. Yes it is so true, these inverters are really top class and packed with latest features. I am glad to have got my hands on the SOROTEC Inverter. Thanks to Shinko Afrika solar for that!

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SOROTEC INVERTERS are an innovative range of solar inverters, specifically designed for applications where reliability and user-friendliness are important. Intelligent functionality enables SOROTEC inverters to be managed and monitored remotely via GPRS, as well as locally through the highly visible status LEDs on the top cover. This intuitively designed device is available in a wide range of configurations and comes with step-by-step installation guides to provide our customers with a quick and hassle free installation process.

The new Sorotec Inverter revo e-plus 5.5kw hybrid (on/off grid) inverter

From Shinko Afrika

Main Features

  • Wide PV Array 120-450 VDC
  • Bluetooth mobile monitoring
  • Touch screen display
  • On/off grid (net metering)
  • Dust proof casing
  • Lithium battery compatible
  • works well without battery (during day)
  • Can be paralled (up to 9units)
  • Battery intake 48VDC
  • 90 AMP Built-In MPPT

It is a versatile unit with the ability to adjust from 1 amp to 9 units, over continuous current. It is designed to give an efficient and sustainable solution to the problem of how to power multiple electronics (lights, work consoles, computers etc.). Sorotec inverters are aimed at beginning users and professionals who are looking for a cost effective and efficient solution to the problem of keeping devices powered up when they are not in use.

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