Top 5 Solar Companies in Zimbabwe

Solar power, an alternative source of energy, has become increasingly popular in Zimbabwe. Many people are turning to solar energy because it is eco-friendly, easy to install, and costs less than other energy sources. If you are looking into the possibility of using solar energy, here is a list of the top 5 solar companies in Zimbabwe that will help you incorporate this energy source into your home. Firstly and foremost look for the company in the Zera energy Registration form to see if it’s registered with them here, and you are good to go! P.S we have compiled this list without following any order.

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SolarTech Systems Zimbabwe

SolarTech Systems Zimbabwe is a service provider poised to meet you at your point of need. Their work involves the design, sizing, installation, and maintenance of solar on and off-grid systems and solar backup power systems. 7 years of experience in solar technology affords clients realistic returns on their investment. Check them out here.

Distributed Power Africa (DPA) – (Pvt) Ltd

One of the most prolific Solar companies in Zimbabwe. They will provide you with a full-service energy solution, at competitive rates with an emphasis on switching to renewable energy. Check them out here.

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Shinko Afrika

Affordable Solar and borehole Systems for All Zimbabweans: We are the leading company in Zimbabwe for solar systems for residential and commercial use. We provide different types of solar panels for homes or businesses. Customer care is redefined, you can tell by the effort we put in compiling the list of best solar installers for you to choose from! Check our packages here.

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Taqon Electrico

For the past 5+ years, they have been a team of electricians doing solar and electrical installations, serving dozens of clients in homes, schools, companies, churches, and industries. Their Solar and Electrical installers have helped many people enjoy using reliable electricity by putting their high quality solar and electrical hardware. Check them out here.

Global Solar (Pvt) Ltd

They pride themselves on having low-cost solar energy installations. A great opportunity to empower the nation with very little investment. Any household can generate electricity by installing a solar system without a huge capital requirement. Check them out here.

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      1. I need a quote of a solar system that can power lights, TV and fridge..
        Breakdown cost of each component.
        I hear Canadian solar kuPower BYD is the best panel?

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