T7 (TJL), KL6L7LM Miner Caplamps

T7 (TJL), KL6L7LM Miner Cap lamps

T7 (TJL), KL6L7LM Miner Caplamps

Arguably the most popular and trusted Miner Caplamp on the market. Weighing an average of 500g and comes with a 7800mha Lithium ion Battery bank the can last 18 hours of Primary lighting and a whooping 45hours of auxiliary lighting.

Made of very strong high quality plastic material that makes unbreakable even if it falls from heights.

The 1m long cable that connects the battery pack and the head lamp makes a very flexible lamp that can used by people of varying heights.

Waterproofed to makes use the internal components of the lamp are free from any kind of liquid substances.

Has been on the Zimbabwe market for a period over 15 years and is being used by the most notable mines such as Unki,Zimplats,Mimosa,Falcon Gold, How Mine,Freddy Rebbecca, Shamva Mine just to mention a few.

The lamp is compatible with installation of human tracking devices for the location of personnel.

Comes with a lighting intensity of 16000lx which is one of the best on the market. Available on different colour combinations such as blue Grey and yellow Grey.

Description : (Technical Data)

Model :KL6L7M(T)
LED Quantity: 1pc+6pcs
Battery: 7.8Ah Li-ion
Primary LED Light Intensity :≥16000Lx
Primary LED Lighting Time: ≥18H
Auxiliary LED Lighting Time: ≥ 45H
Weight (exclude cable ): 0.55KG
Battery cycle life: >1000 times
Battery Rated voltage: 3.7V

🔵 When the primary LED switches off by lack of power,the Auxiliary lighting can be function as back up or emergency lighting for a period of time
🔵Warranty period : 1 year from the date of original dispatch under normal use

🔵The color temperature is less than 6000k with which eyes can be protected.

🔵Can be used with existing miners cap lamp chargers and we also have our own designed charger to
match with the lamp.

🔵Can be placed easily on the helmet as cap lamp or be attached to the miners waist or even as hand held lamp.

🔵The main benefit of the lamp is light weight, high capacity, anti-explosion, energy saving,
environmental-protected, anti-corrosive, no acid leakage and water-proof.

🔵The battery can be made anti-static optionally
🔵unique design,you can put tag or chip inside this cap lamp

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