Invest in Victron Solar Systems: Power Your Space with Excellence

Are you considering investing in solar energy? Look no further than Victron, the planet’s finest solar brand. Shinko is now offering discounted rates for Victron solar energy packages, giving you the opportunity to power your residential or commercial space with excellence. With a range of packages available, including the 3kVA and 5kVA systems, Victron provides exceptional quality, reliability, and performance. In this blog post, we will explore the capacity of each system, why Victron is the best brand to choose, and the benefits both individuals and businesses can expect from these cutting-edge solar solutions.



The 3kVA Victron solar system is an ideal choice for those looking to power their space efficiently. Priced at just $3600, this package includes:

  • 6 x 440W high-efficiency solar panels
  • 3kva 48v Victron inverter,
  • 150/35 Victron charge controller,
  • 100ah 48v Take Charge Lithium Battery,
  • All materials and professional installation included
3kva victron solar promo


For larger energy demands, the 5kVA Victron solar system is the perfect choice. Priced at $5500, this package includes:

  • 9 x 440W solar panels,
  • 5kva 48v Victron Multiplus II inverter,
  • 250/85Av Victron charge controller,
  • 2 x 100ah 48v Take Charge lithium batteries,
  • All materials and professional installation included

Why Choose Victron Solar Systems?

Victron is renowned for its exceptional quality and reliability in the solar energy industry. Here are some compelling reasons to choose Victron for your energy needs:

a. Cutting-edge Technology: Victron solar systems incorporate advanced technology, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

b. Reliable and Powerful: Victron inverters and charge controllers are designed to handle demanding power requirements while maintaining stability and reliability.

d. Seamless Integration: Victron components are designed to work together seamlessly, optimizing energy conversion and storage for maximum efficiency.

Benefits for Businesses and Individuals:

Investing in a Victron solar system brings numerous benefits to both businesses and individuals:

– Cost Savings: Solar energy helps reduce electricity bills, providing significant long-term savings.

– Environmental Impact: By harnessing clean and renewable energy, you contribute to a greener planet and reduce your carbon footprint.

– Energy Independence: Solar systems enable you to generate your own electricity, reducing reliance on the grid and ensuring a stable power supply.

– Increased Property Value: Solar installations can enhance the value of your property, making it an attractive investment.

Investing in a Victron solar system, such as the 3kVA or 5kVA packages, is an excellent choice for powering your residential or commercial space. With their exceptional quality, reliability, and performance, Victron solar systems offer a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution. Take advantage of Shinko’s discounted rates and secure your solar system today, contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future.

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