Huawei Intelligent Lithium Energy Storage Systems

Huawei Intelligent Lithium Energy Storage System(HILES) boasts advanced energy storage modules developed based on cutting-edge Li-ion technologies. Offering a range of intelligent features and a long battery life, the system effectively boosts power reliability at the customer site. A software-enabled anti-theft feature reduces the battery theft rate from 15% to almost zero.

Enables fast, efficient installation at any planned or existing site

Lithium batteries offer a high-energy density and require less maintenance than other battery types. They are the standard in many industries, including the power grid, telecommunications, IT networks, and the military.

Huawei’s intelligent lithium battery products support “plug and play” installation and provide real-time monitoring of battery status. Their long service life can reduce overall maintenance costs for you.

Increases usable life and reduces maintenance costs

Huawei Intelligent Lithium Battery adopts a lithium iron phosphate battery pack. It is equipped with a battery management system (BMS) to monitor each battery cell, and provide signals to the inverter, thus effectively controlling the charge/discharge state of the battery.

Reduces the risk of failures caused by low battery capacity

The super lithium-ion batteries of Huawei’s intelligent equipment have a long life and an independent safety protection system, which can effectively prevent overcharging, over-discharging, short circuits, and other common causes of battery failure.

Delivers flexible design, installation, and scalability options

Huawei Intelligent Lithium Battery is a flexible, scalable solution that delivers power backup, smart grid, and other energy storage applications.

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