Forit Contracting Harare

Forit Contracting Harare

Best Solar Company in Zimbabwe for a reason

Power cuts on the National Grid are causing interruptions to production and business processes. Many businesses are suffering losses due to the persistent power outages.

Production delays have become a norm and the whole supply chain is compromised.

Many people are getting laid off from their jobs as many industrial places become nonfunctional during power cuts, or companies May be forced to pay people who will be spending all day playing draft and chess in workshops.

When companies temporarily close people lose jobs, companies lose revenue, government loses taxes, and the nation loses access to supply of critical goods. Ultimately we are forced to import goods we can produce on our own.

In the Process we end up spending more on imports and exporting less, Forex flows more out than it flows in.

Without adequate lighting the security situation of many companies are compromised, that’s exposing valuable assets to vandalism and theft.

Power cuts are compromising National communication, most base stations are left without power and the intermittent disruptions in communication causes delays in systems that are critical to the functioning of the economy.

This is the reason why in the face of Power cuts every business has to take a giant step to serve the future by Investing in a Solar System. The benefits of a Solar system far outweigh the costs that can be associated with it.

Many Solar Companies are offering packaged Solutions that can accommodate varying needs of different sized businesses. From a small gas filling station in the ghetto to industrial operations all can be accommodated in Solar.

Shinko Afrika has been in the Business of providing Domestic, Farming, Mining and Industrial Solar Solutions for more than 6 years. All the companies that have invested in Solar are evidently a step ahead of their competitors in their respective industries.

Shinko provides Turn Key solar solutions for its various Clientele, from consulting, design, equipment supply, installation and aftermarket support. Providing the best brands in solar as well as custom solutions suited to the varying needs.

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So if you are in the hunt for a solar solution, try Shinko. Our track record is proud and growing and we wish to add you to list of happy people.