Best Caplamps For Mines In Zimbabwe

A miner Cap lamp is an essential tool that needs to be carried by every person working underground. It is a source of light both for productivity and safety purposes. The quality of a Cap lamp determines how many lighting hours it will give over one shift and long the lamp will last over its full life. Every mine in Zimbabwe is required by law to invest in adequate underground lighting. At SHINKO we provide the best quality miner Cap lamp options to cater to different mine sizes from startup mines to large corporate mines.

Renowned for the supply of the famous T7 ( TJL) miner lamps to the majority of Zimbabwe’s big mines such as Falcon, Jena, Arcturus, and Shamva gold mines just to mention a few.

Our Cap lamps are rigorously tested to ensure robustness, tested and approved by the Ministry of Mines & Mining development. Compliant with all global quality certifications.

An investment in SHINKO Cap lamps is an investment for the future.

The SHINKO range of Cap lamps is found in major Hardware distributors and mining supplies companies across the country.

Shinko has the Capacity to supply huge numbers of miner lamps both locally and regionally. Over the years SHINKO has exported to Mozambique, Zambia & DRC.

The current models of Cap lamps available include the Cordless KL3.2LM, the KL4LM, and The famous T7. Our lamps come complete with single-unit chargers for individual use, while they are compatible with Universal charging racks for large-scale lamp room supervision.

Customization: We provide an option for custom features and functions for our lamps such as human trackers, and emergency buttons that May be required by different mines. #Miner_Caplamp #Underground_Lighting #Mining_Supplies

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